Alkaline Healthy Food Recipes

The most important secret to Renata, is to learn that you must drink lime water every morning. Alkaline Healthy Food Recipes.

This is a powerful way to clean the organism and to lose weight. Every day when you get up, before you eat or drink anything else, boil water with lime juice and preferably leave the piece of lime in the water (wash it well first).

You will drink a large cup of it, as if it were lime tea, and you will see what this powerful food can do for your skin, intestines, resistance, immunity and body fat. In a month you will see a major difference in your skin, nails, hair, and most impressive of all, in cellulite and flaccidity. This is because the lime has a lot of vitamin C, which stimulates production of collagen in your skin. Lime is rich in Vitamin C, and stimulates physical resistance, production of Collagen in the skin, facilitating circulation and cleaning out all the fat from your organism. It is a veritable ally to your beauty and health.

It is very important for us to learn to enjoy the flavor of our food in each meal, and not to devour them. When you chew properly, we absorb the nutrients better and eat less.

It is essential to maintain intervals between small daily meals to increase our metabolism. This is how we eliminate existing localized fat and avoid gaining more fat!

Salt and Sugar are two villains that cause us to retain liquid, fat and that age our skin. So we should remove salt from food, replacing it with herbs and natural flavorings, eliminating retention of liquid. Filling up the refrigerator with fruit and gelatin, cereal bars and juices is a good option to help us forget sugar. That’s right: to forget it. After a month without consuming sugar, you will not want it to be a part of your life anymore. Your body will feel the benefits!

Everyone knows how powerful water is for our health and for our organism to function properly. In addition to water, tea and natural juices should also be present in our daily programming. They even help us to feel less hungry.

Our intestines need to function, and this cannot be only once in a while, but should be at least once a day, every day. Physical activity, a diet rich in fiber, a lot of water and beauty juices help a lot. If you suffer from constipation, add Chia or chopped Golden Flax to your salads, rice, juice and yogurt. Also set aside some time in the morning for a bowel movement. After you wake up, drink a glass of water with lime and read a book, a magazine, send an email, and wait for your intestine to go to work. When your intestines are working well, you will feel benefits such as a better mood, greater calm, your abdomen will not be swollen, cellulite, headaches and overall discomfort will be reduced.

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