Ayurveda and Yoga for a perfect health

The Ayurveda and the Yoga are intrinsically connected and the most important is that they actually complement each other. Whoever does Yoga, will have, invariably, knowledge of the Ayurveda, as well as whoever follows Ayurveda, will surely practice Yoga. Both of them come from the Veda millennium knowledge, a collection of sacred Sanskrit scriptures native to India. According to the spa consultant Renata de Abreu, these two elements combined are essential to reach one’s well-being.


Ayurveda is the knowledge of the life, the theory to put into practice a healthy routine in order to achieve a perfect health. Through holistic practices, Dosha’s balanced diet and work of the mind, one finds the balance between body and mind, therefore achieving a perfect health.


The Yoga is a state of consciousness. It goes beyond exercises, it is a lifestyle which includes good posture, practice as well as meditation. The Yoga seeks to bring the happiness which lives within us, connecting ourselves with who we really are.


” Yoga is the science of the bond with the Divine, with the Truth, and Ayurveda is the science of life. Yoga plays with knowledge and Ayurveda with perfect health. Thus, a yogi who does not know Ayurveda is a half-yogi. And an Ayurvedic therapist who does not know Yoga is a half-Ayurvedic Therapist. The Yoga’s goal is the union with the Supreme Being, though this union can only be achieved when you have a healthy body, mind and consciousness. Therefore, Yoga and Ayurveda are the foundations of life. The two sides of the same coin. They are one. Asana, pranayama, relaxing, mantra and meditation are some of the main prescriptions of Ayurveda”, explains the Ayurvedic doctor and physicist Vasant Lad.


Both the Ayurveda and the Yoga stand up for a healthier lifestyle, a state of full consciousness and the balance between body, mind and the universe. Both practices interpolate each other and are complementary in the search of a perfect health as well as a state of well-being of the body and mind which there are no illness, pain or ageing.


Renata de Abreu

Renata de Abreu has traveled the world teaching and passing along the knowledge of her Perfect Health Program, developed by the Indian doctor settled in the USA, Deepak Chopra.


Furthermore, de Abreu puts together her Ayurveda millennium knowledge, Yoga and cutting edge technology in her new spa. At Spa Home, in Miami, she offers beauty and health treatments for body and mind.
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