Being very in touch with Nature makes Pittas so happy

This amazing exchange with the Universe!

Being very in touch with Nature makes Pittas so happy! When the proportion of the elements Fire and Water are in greater quantity in the constitution of an organism, it is called Pitta. The pitta dosha governs digestion and metabolism.

Pitta in the body is likened to the principle of fire in nature – it burns, transforms, and digests. They exhibit rapid metabolism, excessive thirst and a lot of hunger, losing and gaining weight with ease.

They are enterprising, intolerant, self competitive and questioning. Of intense temperament, and in love, they tend to feelings like anger when exaggerating the spice food .

When unbalanced, Pitta also develops inflammatory diseases… watching a sun set , eating cooling food, are good ways to balance this intense predominant energy of Pitta.

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