Brazilian butt self massage

Brazilian butt self massage

1-Start with the abdomen breathing exercise and pump 8 times the groins with both hands.

2- Place your feet on top of a small batch or the toilet . Apply the oil or cream and stroke your hands , with fingers banded , up and dow 8 times from the center of your thigh area all the butt way to the groin area. 8 times.

3- Apply pressure and release strokes from the middle of the thighs to the groin area 4 times

4- From the middle of your thighs to the groin area , going through all the butt area, use long and sweeping strokes to put moderate pressure on the skin with both hands together 8 times.

5- Same direction and same movement now one hand after the other.

6- Pump the groin area 8 times.

7- Repeat steps 3,4,5 and 6  for 3 more times

8- Use a roller for myophasic release therapies to perform a strong massage into the area bellow the butt and also at the sides if it concentrate fat and liquids as well.

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