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The importance of cleaning your tongue

Ayurvedic medicine claims that cleansing the body is a main health factor and everything starts with its mouth, cause it the importance of cleaning your tongue. Those whitish spots on the tongue when we wake up? According to ayurvedic medicine, this residues accumulates during the night of sleep is loaded with toxins that can be … Continue reading “The importance of cleaning your tongue”

Renata de Abreu launches Perfect Health Program created by Deepak Chopra exclusively for Brazil

The Perfect Health program, very popular around the world, comes now to Brazil, exclusively brought by the renowned body therapist and manager of the world’s best spas, Renata Abreu, who Ayurveda specialist. Renata de Abreu, who has been a body treatment theraspist for 20 years, is in charge of structuring, and providing treinments for the … Continue reading “Renata de Abreu launches Perfect Health Program created by Deepak Chopra exclusively for Brazil”

Natural Beauty

When it comes to natural beauty, there are many things that contribute to such a perception. From genetics to skin care regimens, natural beauty conveys confidence, radiance, and health. Renata de Abreu is a certified professional capable of providing the most efficient and the most natural methods for all-encompassing beauty. Ayurvedic medicine Being a qualified … Continue reading “Natural Beauty”

Spa World

A quality, professional spa treatment is one of the most enjoyable parts of life, with rejuvenation and relaxation being bar none. The work of Renata de Abreu is particularly impressive in the spa world, because her methods and background make her ideal for going above and beyond the impact of a regular spa treatment. Renata … Continue reading “Spa World”

Spa Pool Investment – Top Factors To Consider

There is no doubt that everyone would love the idea of having a spa pool in his or her backyard. This is actually a great way to get some massage that can help you stay fit 100% of the time. However, caution has to be exercised in other for the purpose not to be defeated. … Continue reading “Spa Pool Investment – Top Factors To Consider”

Wellness Spas: Tips to Finding the Best Wellness Spa Centers

When it comes to signing up with centers that are well–grounded in wellness spa treatments, there are people who don’t know how they can go about such a process. They either get confused on what to be in search of or feel that it is a difficult process to embark on. This can lead to … Continue reading “Wellness Spas: Tips to Finding the Best Wellness Spa Centers”

Famous Spas – Your Ultimate Guide To Those That Will Meet Your Needs

There is something that is very baffling about the human nature. This is the fact that people are  not always willing to invest on well being services. However, when it comes to taking something such as spa seriously, they are always very reluctant. They are basically unaware of its importance and how it can contribute … Continue reading “Famous Spas – Your Ultimate Guide To Those That Will Meet Your Needs”

What is Dharma?

Dharma is the purpose of your life, how you can help and serve others while you find your Abundance and Prosperity. Dharma I have dedicated my life to my Dharma and I have seen wonderful things happening to those who have received and learned the Mais Vida massage for example. My Abundance was not given to … Continue reading “What is Dharma?”

Five days Perfect Health Program with Renata de Abreu Spa Consultant

Thank you for your interest in our five days Program of Perfect Health – Perfect Health Chopra Center by Spa Consultant Renata de Abreu at Vila Santa Teresa. The Perfect Health was created by the doctor and writer Deepak Chopra. It is a body cleansing program related to the Ayurveda Medicine knowledge and the methods … Continue reading “Five days Perfect Health Program with Renata de Abreu Spa Consultant”

See what a spa expert can provide

When it comes to developing, opening, and maintaining a luxury spa, you may want to rely on an expert. It can be hard to find a spa consult that understands the whole business. It’s not just decor, music, and nice treatments. The service has to be well above the standards to get likes of the world’s most … Continue reading “See what a spa expert can provide”


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