Renata de Abreu is a certified Chopra Center's instructor for The Perfect Health Program.


The Chopra's Center Perfect Health Program is a complete Ayurvedic cleanse designed to create balance in both the mind and body through daily Ayurvedic spa treatments, a mind-body consultation with a board-certified physician and Ayurvedic expert , cleansing diet, herbal supplements, instruction in Primordial Sound Meditation and the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga.

Renata de Abreu is a certified Chopra Center's instructor for The Perfect Health Program.


Meditation is more popular than it’s ever been—and for good reason. With the uptick of scientific research touting its health benefits, beloved celebrities proclaiming their love for the practice, and CEOs and large companies openly discussing how meditation can help productivity and focus, it’s tough to ignore the mindfulness trend.

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Renata de Abreu began her professional life studying psychology, but fell in love with Shiatsu. From that point on, she decided to obtain more experience in the area, joining theory with practice learned in the classes. A pioneer and creator of different techniques, she has worked in this segment since 1998.

Ayurvedic therapies by Renata de Abreu

Renata de Abreu has developed exclusive therapies based on Ayurvedic medicine.

Ayurveda Consultation by Renata de Abreu

Schedule your personal or skype consultation with Renata de Abreu to chef your predominant dosha and all the tips regarding food exercise natural therapies and herbs. That can change your life!!

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