The digestion according to your Dosha


According to the Ayurveda, we are all made of 5 elements from nature: water, fire, earth, air and ether. These elements combined result in our personality.


Also, according to the Ayurvedic philosophy there are three different types of personalities, known as doshas, which are our biotype: Kappa, Pitta and Vata.


Everyone has all three doshas within them, but there is always one which is stronger and ends up being vital to our personality.


To know your dosha is knowing yourself better. And knowing its needs, weakness and strengths are important to achieve a balanced, healthy and harmonious life.


Below, we tell you further about the three doshas and what type of diet each one should have to reach its balanced life.


The Kappa Dosha


Kappa are people with larger body structure. They are stronger, larger, slower and they normally have curly hair. The Kappa people learn with more difficulty than others, they need more time to study and read, for instance, but are really good with memory, being able to memorize large quantities of information.


They are honest, loyal and emotionally stronger people. In order to balance this dosha, it is advisable to reduce fat, salt and sweet consumption. Kappas should also focus in fibers and vegetables.

The Pitta Dosha


These are very muscular people and with high level of energy. Therefore, they tend to digest things faster.


They are intelligent and very focused. But because they are very perfectionist, they can get irritated quite easily.


They can suffer with digestion issues, such as reflux and diarrhea.


Pittas are very hot people and to balance this biotype it’s important to search for refreshing food, such as fruits and salads.


Give preference to sweets and bitters flavours rather than acids and savory.


Pitta people prefer artificially flavored food, but they should avoid these type of ingredients and the so known “hot”, which means, chilly peppers and other seasonings.


The Vata Dosha


The Vata Dosha people are normally of low body structure and more agile. They don’t have an instable hunger and metabolism.


Vata usually have dry skin and hair and not much muscles.


They are fast learner people, though forget just as fast. They know a bit of everything, but just superficially.


The Vata people are creative and like changing.


When they are not balanced, they can suffer from insomnia, anxiety and depression.


Their digestion is also quite affected and these individuals can get a flue quite often.


It is advisable to Vata to eat more oily and heavy food, which has the power to calm down their dosha.


A full bodied soup and creams are also a good choice.


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