Happy bye bye Upper Arm Self Massage

Help optimize the function of the lymphatic system. This self massage helps make new pathways to drain trapped fluid that could cause swelling. Happy bye bye Upper Arm Self Massage!!

This Upper Arm Self Massage should be done on bare skin, not over clothing.

1- Abdominal  Breathing Exercise. helps prepare the system to handle the system for the fluid you will be moving with the massage:

* Place your hands on your stomach and inhale deeply through your nose.  As you breath in your abdomen should extend pushing your hands out. than exhale strongly at the same time pushing in on your stomach with both of your hands and band your upper body pressing your hands agains your tights.

2- Clear Lymph nodes in your neck that are just behind your collarbones.

Cross your hands and use your fingers of both hands. Stroke 8 times raising eyebrows up in front of your body.

3- Clear lymph nodes in both armpits:

Place hand on opposite armpit side and do 8 deep pressures. Change side, 2 x each side.

4- Glinding hands on your upper arm to warm it up with a U fingers movement up and down.

5-Place hand behind the head, elbow up. apply the massage oil and stroke the skin with firm pressure from elbow to armpit 8 times.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 for 3 times.

6- Push the fluid up and around the back of your shoulder toward your neck nodes.

7- Repeat step 3

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