The importance of cleaning your tongue

Ayurvedic medicine claims that cleansing the body is a main health factor and everything starts with its mouth, cause it the importance of cleaning your tongue.

The importance of cleaning your tongueThose whitish spots on the tongue when we wake up? According to ayurvedic medicine, this residues accumulates during the night of sleep is loaded with toxins that can be harmful to health.

This is because the Indian medicine strongly believes that, although the body is at a resting point, the digestive system keeps working and does itself makes a purge of whatever is toxic and part of it is sent to the mouth and gets stuck in the tongue during the night.

In Ayurveda  the hygiene of the body is an essential element for good health, because everything begins with what we ingest, through digestion

If the tongue is not cleaned, these toxins will be reabsorbed by the body, which can obstruct expiration and cause respiratory problems, such as sinusitis; also diseases of the digestive tract and an unpleasant bad breath.

In addition, proper cleaning of the tongue every morning helps promote the production of saliva, which is helpful in good oral health and maintenance of healthy teeth, gums and mucosa.

However, the cleanse of the tongue should not be done with the toothbrush. This hygienization, to be efficient, needs to be performed with tongue scrapers which, luckily, are found in any pharmacy and common drugstores. But if you want to start right now and do not have one yet, you can use a spoon.

The scraper must pass firmly through the tongue, but not enough to injure it this is not the purpose of cleaning and purifying the tongue.

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