Luxury Spa Consultancy, a high-end service with a Brazilian stamp

Renata de Abreu is one of few professionals in the world who performs a high quality consulting for Luxury Spas. She now reveals the secrets behind her work, which has already provided quality and uniqueness to some of the most desirable spas in the world.

Renata de Abreu is an entrepreneur, creator and instructor of exclusive techniques for body treatment. She also directs the Spa Home, in Miami, and is responsible for the quality stamp of more than 25 luxury spas around the world.


Renata has created a service of its own, which today is disputed by the best spas in the world: “every work takes months to be accomplished, since it contemplates a “360 degrees” consultancy, from the structure to the menu of services, from choosing partnerships to the training of their personnel.” She has just launched the Nekupe Resort and Retreat’s, in Nicaragua and is due to open the second unit of her Spa Home in Miami, later this year, in the Brickell Region.


Among the spas Renata has provided consulting are places such as the Mitra By Loccitane, the Fasano Las Piedras, in Punta Del Este, the Fasano in Rio de Janeiro, the Fasano in Fazenda Boa Vista, just to name a few. For this year, in addition to the two openings mentioned before, there are also another 4 projects coming soon, two of them in Brazil. Renata emphasizes the importance of the wellness areas for hotels and condominiums: “today, a person chooses where he or she will live or spend a season exactly by considering the well-being, health and beauty services and the structures offered.”


A business leader in the Spa industry for more than 20 years, Renata has created what she calls a “high-end organic natural spa”, where she works the highest technology for aesthetics combined with Ayurvedic techniques, which she learned at The Chopra Center. “I do not see beauty as something disassociated from health; on the contrary actually, it is the physical and mental health that makes a person more beautiful and complete. Every treatment, which involves continuous practices and healthy routine practices, has a more lasting results.” she says.


To carry out her work, which includes personalized manual techniques and also high-end technology, de Abreu travels around the world to see what is newest in this market. “Today, we have everything at hand: increasingly advanced technology, which allows us to achieve incredible results, and the timeless knowledge of nature, which aligns aesthetics with very high levels of quality of life,” explains Renata.


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