Meditation as a Beauty Treatment at Spa Home

The body therapist Renata de Abreu is one of the main promoters of a healthier lifestyle based on the well-being. For her, beauty is not only achieved through aesthetic treatments, but also through mindfulness. Thus, her new place in Miami, the Spa Home, proposes the well-being of body and mind, encouraging a beauty that comes from within.


At Spa Home, de Abreu combines the latest beauty technologies with Ayurveda’s millennium teachings. In there, one of the most sought after treatment is the Ayurvedic Consultation, which de Abreu guides her client through the principles of the Ayurvedic medicine, Yoga and meditation.




Meditation is definitely one of the best forms of achieving self-knowledge. Moreover, the practice is proven to help fight anxiety, stress and phobias.


To meditate is to look at yourself, cleaning your mind of impurities and learning how to focus on what really matters. It’s a quite simple and deep transformative technique that should be part of everyone’s daily life.


De Abreu implements meditation as a beauty treatment at Spa Home because she knows that a relaxed and balanced mind reflects on a healthier and more beautiful body. Eliminating everything that is toxic and harmful to the mind is essential to achieve a perfect health.


Renata de Abreu


The history of Renata de Abreu with meditation began at her early ages. She is the daughter of a boxing fighter and professional swimmer with a yoga teacher. Her parents had always kept a meditation room at home.


This early contact with alternative therapies was pivotal for her professional development. Today, de Abreu stands out as one of the main names in the beauty and well-being industries and she is currently behind the quality of more than 25 luxury spas around the world. Earlier this year, she opened her own space in Miami, the Spa Home, at the charming Sunny Isles.


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