Meet Deepak Chopra, the Perfect Health Program creator


Deepak Chopra is one of the most renowned personalities in the world of alternative medicine. Born in India, where he acquired his degree in Medicine at the University of New Delhi, he now lives in the USA where he has worked and given classes in many centers, hospitals and universities, including Harvard.


Currently, Chopra is one of the main Ayurvedic medicine ambassadors. He gives speaches about mindfulness all around the world and has written numerous best-sellers, translated into more than 30 languages. Time Magazine, in 1999, elected him one of the 100 most influential celebrities of the 20th century.

The Perfect Health Program


In his center, the Chopra Centre, he puts together traditional medicine techniques with millennium Ayurverdic teachings to treat and cure his patients. One of his most famous programs is the Perfect Health, which, according to Deepak Chopra, pursue to reach a perfect health, a state of body and mind so full that there is no illness, ageing or pain.


For the Ayurvedic medicine, the source of all bad reactions in the body lives in the mind. And a health mind, reflects a well-being. Chopra relates any negative manifestation in our bodies, such as illness or pains, to stress, psychological problems, toxic interpersonal relationship and so on.


The Perfect Health Program deals mainly with the aspects of the well-being of the mind, which are only reached when the body is also healthy. To achieve such goal, is pivotal a balanced diet, exercises, yoga practices, meditation and to live in harmony with nature. In order to cure body irregularities, it is needed to work the mind, balance your body and your doshas (ayurvedic archetypes).

Renata de Abreu, a certified instructor


Renata de Abreu is a certified instructor of the Perfect Health Program. She gives classes around the world with her knowledge about Ayurvedic medicine acquired through years of practice and learning, and help her patients to reach a perfect health.


The 5 days Perfect Health Program includes spa treatment, meditation, yoga, balanced diet, dosha reading, and many more. During the program, the patients are given the knowledge to put into practice the teachings learned in life. The well-being and health improvement are immediately.


The secret for all in life lies in the balance and in the harmony between body and mind. That is what Renata de Abreu spa consultant believes and passes to her patients.


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