Nasi Goreng with Chicken

Ingredients Nasi Goreng with Chicken:

White rice 150, Chicken Breast 50g, Egg 2 un

Vegetables: Garlic 20g, Pakcoy 30g, Leek 30g, Bean Sprout 30g, Carrot 20g, Red Chili 10g

Seasoning: Sweet soya sauce 20ml, Soya sauce 10ml, Oyster sauce 20ml, Sesame oil 10ml, Salt 5g

Pepper 5g, Cooking oil 20ml, Pickles (acar), Cucumber 10g, Shallot 10g, Vinegar 5ml, Simple Syrup 20ml, Carrot 10g, Red chili 5g, Sambal ulek 10g, Parsley 5g

How to make

Cookie Rice start by cooking rice until slightly “al dente”

Prepare Veg cut all vegetables to the same size, apart from pakchoy, which can be in bigger slices, finely chop garlic

Prepare Seasoning prepare seasoning in a small bowl, mix well, set aside

Pickles slice cucumber, carrot and shallots into cubes, mix in bowl with vinegar, simple syrup, pepper & salt, keep cool in refrigerator

Start cooking heat saucepan, add oil, add chopped chicken breast, when half cooked, add choped garlic and beaten eggs, stir in saucepan

Add veg, seasoning & rice – add prepared vegetables and seasoning and rice, stir well, finally add bean sprout and pakchocy

Garnish & serve, serve on a plate with your style of presentation, and garnish with pickles

Enjoy your meal!

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