Perfect Abb Self Massage

A great technique to have healthy digestion, relieve of constipation and shape abbs – Perfect Abb Self Massage

1- First thing before starting the sequence is to ‘wake-up” the lymphatic system by inhaling an stimulating and energetic essential oil in the morning and warming up the hands. Try to inhale and exhale the whole time of your self massage.

2- Next , we have to wake up our main lymphatic centers by softly pressing the areas such as armpits, inner knees, calves. base of the neck, behind the ears.

3- Lets perform the efficient large intestine area  massage, hand on top of the other, we start from the right side, we go up descendent colon and cross the transverse colon and we finish with the descendent colon . Repeat 8 times.

4- Squeezing and Kneading the abdomen. Grab the skin with both hands and do a circular motion 8 x.

5- Pushing and Rubbing the abdomen. 4 fingers of both hands

6- Shaking the abdomen with both hands creating vibration

7- Rotating and Robin the abdomen in clock circular motion 8 times with one hand on the top of the others, same movement with hand after hand.

8- Stroking the Lumbosacral region with both hands from  up to lower back, stroke with firmly pressure.Now. with a firmly pressure strokes from the lower back to the groins. 8 times

– Repeat 7 and 8, 3 times / 8 repetitions each

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