Renata de Abreu develops and implements high performance spa consultancy in the luxury world market

The entrepreneur, developer and instructor of exclusive techniques for body treatment, who manages the Spa Home, in Miami, is responsible for the quality assurance of over 25 luxury spas around the world. She created the 360 consultancy, which includes mystery consumer, structuring, service menu and process handling in order to maintain quality.


Amongst the more than 25 spas who bears the quality assurance of Renata de Abreu are the Mitra By Loccitane Spa, Taua Hotel and Termas de Araxá, Premier Belo Horizonte Spa, Thin Spa Miami, Fasano Spa at Boa Vista Farm, just to name some. This year, besides Nekupe, newly launched in Nicaragua, Renata will help to launch 4 more spas, two of them in Brazil.


A business leader in the Spa market for more than 20 years, Renata develop what she calls high luxury organic nature spa: “The goal is to have the best and most efficient services, although always using natural techniques, appropriating what nature gives us freely and are key to achieve fast and lasting results”, reveals. In the very exclusive Spa Home, based in Miami, the entrepreneur tries out the most recent technologies for body treatment. In parallel, she incorporates her ancient knowledge of Ayurveda in the practices she implements for her patients and transforms the beauty market in a truly well-being factory, with a Brazilian touch.


“Currently, the wellness’ room is taken as a reference in a development or spa. People make their minds up about where they are living next or spending the next holiday precisely for the quality of the services offered”, explains Renata, who emphasizes: “The spa is the main amenity of a hotel or a resort”. the spa consultant has as a goal to develop the local identity with products, techniques and distinguished treatments as well as make the guest or the resident have the best experience possible. It is a market trend to invest distinctively in order to attract both the sales of apartments as well as guests. Hotel network and builders are increasingly searching in the “common area” to reach a high level of differential to turn a customer loyal.


Renata reinforces: “my work consists in a very high quality standard. I do researches, travel the world and stay in the best hotels in order to precisely be well informed”. The consultancy aims development of the name, brand, concept, project, hiring, professional qualifications, training, handling, everything so your spa maintains the standard of quality and faces season issues, for instance. Furthermore, it can even perhaps engage in partnerships, with renowned brands, for the differential service offered.


In Spa Home, in Miami, the therapist tries out and certifies the best treatments: “we invest in equipments such as Body scan, Velashape 3 and the UltraShape Power, that uses ultrasound technology to get rid of even the most persistent fats, and painless, like a real liposuction, albeit without the need of a surgery”, emphasizes her. “Today, we have the best in our hands: the technology is increasingly advanced, which allows us to achieve incredible results, and the timeless knowledge of nature, which allows us to join aesthetic with high level of quality of life”, explains Renata.


Check out the treatment program’ schedule offered by Renata de Abreu in the first semester still:

Perfect Health Nicaragua

Date: April 14th to 20th, 2017

Place: Nekupe Sporting Resort & Retreat

Info and reservations: [email protected]

*Limited vacancies.


Perfect Health Brasil

Date: May 08th to 12th, 2017

Place: Vila Santa Teresa

Address: R. Alm. Alexandrino, 2305 – Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Price per person:

Single room package: R$ 1.940,00/day

Double room package:  R$ 1.580,00/day

5 days without accommodation package: R$ 1.280,00/day.

Payment can be made in 3 installments

Reservations: +55 21 2051 1905

Info: [email protected]

*Limited vancacies.


5 Days Detox Miami

Place: Spa Home

Address: 152 Sunny Isles Bld #11

Sunny Isles Beach – FL

Price per person: U$1250,00

Contact: +1 (786) 528-8336


Renata de Abreu | www.renatadeabreu.com.br | [email protected]


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