Renata de Abreu, entrepreneur, developer and instructor of body treatment exclusive techniques, insert a Brazilian touch in the high aesthetic which she implements in the four continents

In the most exclusive Spa Home, based in Miami, the businesswoman tries the most current technologies for body treatment. In parallel to this, she adds Ayurveda millennial knowledge in the techniques applied in her patients and transforms the beauty market in a true well-being factory.


Renata de Abreu, former runner and athlete, signs the deployment and quality consulting and the service menus of the most renowned spas in the world – only this year, it will be more than 5 inaugurations, in Nicaragua, United States and Brazil. Renata puts together, in the treatments she develops and applies, the Ayurvedic medicine, which she studied with master Deepak Chopra, and the most high tech towards beauty and rejuvenation. With a very special way, she stamped her mark in her works: a unique Brazilian touch connecting nature and beauty, which comes from well-being and happiness, a true master’s touch in the world aesthetics.


In Spa Home, in Miami, the therapist tests and certifies the best treatments: “We bet in equipments such as Body scan, Velashape 3 and the UltraShape Power, which uses ultrasound technology to eliminate even the most tough fat, and painless, like a lipo, yet with no need for surgery”, stress her. “Currently, we have the best in our hands: the increasingly advanced technology, which allows us to reach incredible results, and the timeless knowledge of nature, which allows to link aesthetic with very high level of life quality”, explains Renata.


The specialist is adept at all the techniques she uses in her patients and is a true health and beauty model: “To me, beauty is fully connected with inner essence, therefore the importance of having a balanced day-to-day, constantly promote body detox, invest in healthy habits, choose well your food and sleep well. All of that interferes in your body’s health and beauty”, emphasizes.


Business leader in the spa industry for over 20 years, Renata developed what she calls high luxury organic nature spa: “The goal is to have the best and most efficient services, but always using natural techniques, appropriating what nature gives us for free and are pivotal for achieving rapid and lasting results”, reveals. Coming soon, Renata begins a detox program in Brazil, a training of hers exclusive massage technique Power Detox and a workshop called Spice up Your Love, partnering with Chef Carol Stofella, with massage, aromatherapy, aphrodisiacal showers and food classes which raises your esteem. Check below the next programs she offers:


Perfect Health Nicaragua

Date: April 14 to 20, 2017

Place: Nekupe Sporting Resort & Retreat

Information and bookings: [email protected]
*Limited vacancies.


Perfect Health Brazil

Date: May 08 to 12, 2017

Place: Vila Santa Teresa

Address: R. Alm. Alexandrino, 2305 – Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Price per person:

Single room package: R$ 1.940,00/day

Double room package:  R$ 1.580,00/day

5 days without accommodation package: R$ 1.280,00/day.

Available to pay in 3 installments

Bookings: +55 21 2051 1905

Information: [email protected]

*Limited vacancies.


5 Days Detox Miami

Place: Spa Home

Address: 152 Sunny Isles Bld #11

Sunny Isles Beach – FL

Price per person: U$1250,00

Contact: +1 (786) 528-8336



Renata de Abreu | www.renatadeabreu.com.br | [email protected]


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