Renata de Abreu proves with her Spa home: Miami is the backyard of the Brazilians who know how to choose great brands and the best services

With many clients every month, 70% of them being Brazilians and Latin, Renata de Abreu’s Spa Home, in the US, was launched earlier this year and is already a sensation. The recipe of such success: state-of-art technology joined with the knowledge of Ayurveda.


In her most exclusive Spa Home, in Miami, Renata de Abreu, who has more than 20 years of experience in body therapies, offers the most cutting-edge technology.


Devices such as the VelaShape III, the UltraShape Power and the Body Scan are the most sought after and are on top of many other places, especially Brazil. But this recipe does not end there: meditation, breathing exercises, organic and natural diet and Ayurveda oriented consultation, which Renata de Abreu acquired through her years on the Chopra Center course, in Miami, give the special touch. “The body beauty only is of no use, we have learned that the true aesthetic starts from within, with a body and mind health”, she explains. In her Spa Home, around 75% of the clients are Brazilians or Latin.


Renata de Abreu

Renata de Abreu is behind the quality assurance of more than 25 luxury spas around the world and reproduces the same quality and expertise in her own space, which is at the charming Sunny Isles.


Amongst the most wanted treatments, besides corporal, are the facial appliances with oxygenotherapy and diamond peeling. “They are innovative systems, non-invasive and painless, as everything else we do at the spa”, reveals Renata, who has also just launched, as a consultant, the Nekupe, a 5 star spa in Nicaragua. Soon, there will also be new address in New York and Brazil.


Spa Home


The Spa Home offers exclusive techniques developed and patented by de Abreu, such as the Mais Vida Massage, which is currently part of the entire Fasano spa’s network. The Slim, Modeladora and Detox Power massages are also available.


Another service is the Ayurveda Consulting, where Renata de Abreu gives Ayurvedic based treatment and teaches meditation. Many of the Spa Home care are based on the Chopra Centre, which de Abreu is a certified instructor.


Another very exclusive Spa Home service is the Spa on the Go, which takes a 5 days program of detox to the client, in plotted mini-coopers fully equipped that goes to the client’s house, business or events.


Renata points out as one of the greatest Spa Home differentials is its tailored services: “all of our plans are designed specifically for the needs of each client”, emphasizes.



Spa Home

Address: 152 Sunny Isles Bld #11

Sunny Isles Beach – FL

Contact: +1 (786) 528-8336


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