Renata de Abreu shows what is new in technology for aesthetics

The entrepreneur, creator and instructor of exclusive techniques for body treatment, who heads the Spa Home in Miami, indicates the latest equipment for weight loss, reduction of measures and firmness of the skin, painlessly and non-invasively, as in all treatments she applies


In her very exclusive address in Miami, the Spa Home, Renata de Abreu tests techniques and equipments which are used in her patients and replicated in the spas which she advises around the world. According to Renata, who is a dedicated entrepreneur in the health and beauty market for more than 20 years, it is important that the equipments bring expected results, albeit painlessly and non-invasively: “we seek high quality efficient techniques and treatments with are consistent with the philosophy of my work, which is to bring beauty from within”, explains the entrepreneur, who created a 306 degrees consulting company, that she applies on high level spas around the world.


At Spa Home, amongst the treatments used to get rid of fat and reduce measurement, there are the UltraShape Power and the VelaShape III. Both of them are cutting edge technology for beauty. See how the treatments work:


UltraShape Power


Groundbreaking technology which destroys the body’s fat cells precisely and with no surgery intervention. Besides shaping your body and decrease measurement, the UltraShape increases blood circulation and the activity of the lymphatic system. The treatment brings liposuction results without the need of a needle, anesthesia or any kind of surgery method. You can see progress already on its third application, with reduction of up to 1.6 inches.


The price for a session at Spa Home depends on the size of the treated area. However, the average cost is about U$ 3000 for three sessions (the minimum required).


VelaShape III


It is an innovative technology product, three times more potent than its previous version. It can be used in any part of the body that needs shaping, such as the abdomen, the hips, thighs, arms and more. The results are comparable to a lifting, in such a secure way, painlessly and non-invasively, as all the other treatments at Spa Home.


The prices are:

  • Individual session: U$300
  • 5 days session package: U$1400
  • 10 days session package: U$2.700


Special promotion in May! When buying 5 sessions, the patient will have 2 extra free ones. And if buying 10 sessions, the patient wins 5.


Renata will be in Brazil at the beginning of June in order to bring for the first time to Brazil the famous Perfect Health, a detox program created by Deepak Chopra, the Indian doctor and celebrities guru: “it will be the opportunity, for those doing the program, to know the combination of state-of-art technology with the Ayurveda millennium knowledge, which makes the treatment I create and apply different and with incredible results”, reveals Renata. See her schedule in Brazil below. If you need further information about the Spa home equipments and treatments, just get in touch by the email [email protected] .


Perfect Health Brazil


Date: June 05th to 09th, 2017

Place: Vila Santa Teresa

Address: R. Alm. Alexandrino, 2305 – Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Price per person:

Single room package: R$ 1.940,00/day

Double room package:  R$ 1.580,00/day

5 days with no accommodation package: R$ 1.280,00/day

Payment can be made into 3 installments

Bookings: 21 2051 1905

Info: [email protected]

*Limited vacancies.

Renata de Abreu | www.renatadeabreu.com.br | [email protected]


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