Renata de Abreu takes the Perfect Health Program, developed by Deepak Chopra, to the most exclusive Nekupe Spa, in Nicaragua, which she helped to launch

One of the most incredible destination in Nicaragua, a true beauty and rejuvenation oasis, the Nekupe Resort launched its spa with the specialist Renata de Abreu signature, world leader in the spa market and responsible for the menu of the most renowned places in the world.


In April, the renowned Resort Nekupe spa, in Nicaragua, welcomes the Perfect Health Program, developed by the Indian doctor living in the United States, Deepak Chopra, through the specialist Renata de Abreu. Renata, certified by Chopra’s center, takes to Nekupe a 5 days of total detox, rejuvenation and prevention, which joins very high technological treatments with Ayurveda millenium practices.


The Brazilian entrepreneur, who owes the Spa Home in Miami, is behind the quality and the service menus of the main spas in the world, with an accurate consulting and a Brazilian touch which is in everything she does: “In Nekupe, we will offer what is the most modern in beauty, life quality and rejuvenation”, explains Renata, who is adept at the practices of body and mind balance which she offers to her patients.


The Perfect Health puts together a mind-body consult with an Ayurveda certified and specialist doctor, cleansing diet, herbal supplements, primordial sound meditation and the learning and practice of the Seven Spiritual Laws of the Yoga. According to Renata, the goal is full detox: “remove from the body what is bad, and from the mind what keep us from having a perfect health”, thus the program’s name.




Perfect Health in Nicaragua

Date: April 14 to 20, 2017

Place: Nekupe Sporting Resort & Retreat

Information and bookings: [email protected] *Limited vacancies.


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