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Ex-triathlete and marathon runner, Renata de Abreu has been a body treatment therapist and business leader in the Spa industry for over fourteen years. With experience and international certification, in addition to offering technical consulting for Spa management, she participates in health and beauty programs on Fox TV, Canal Bem Simples and Rede Globo.

Her protocols and exclusive courses have been carefully prepared to ensure positive results in treatments and valuation of the professional who carries them out. This is proven by the fact that one of her Spas is considered the sixth best in the Americas, with a philosophy based on attention to details and to the individual needs of clients.

Renata de Abreu dedicates her life for the well being, spiritual balance and health.

Spa Consulting Services

Support and assist evaluation of architecture and design Project (Inputs to improve logistics and layout)

Concept & Theme

Spa Services & Treatments

Signature Menu

Staff Training (Etic, Sales and Technical training) - Spa Products selection

Spa equipment and supplies selection

Secret Shopper

Review and Appraisal of Spa Personnel

Operational System and Procedures review

*accordingly with standards of Leading Spas and Hotels.

Training Formats & Workshops

*based on results from Secret Shopper evaluation.

*travelling expenses not included.

Perfect Health Program

Renata is graduated from Chopra Center University for the famous writer and doctor Deepak Chopra.

Exclusive program offered by individuals graduated by DEEPAK CHOPRA on Chopra Center Institute.

Based on the Ayurveda practice, this 4, 7 or 10-day detox and self- knowledge program, treats individuals on its most inner for. After a detailed evaluation, participants undergo to Spa Treatments, Physical Activities, Meditation, Yoga and Diet orientation based on your predominant DOSHA (group of physical and emotional characteristics of an individual).

Workshops with related topics will assist participants, reaching balance and PERFECT HEALTH.

*travelling expenses not included.

*Spa treatments, Technicians, Yoga instructors and F&B (menu development) must be provide and will perform under instructor orientation.

*Staff recruiting can be provide under request and accordingly with group size.


Renata is a specialist on product research for Spa products for important as has been hired by multinational brands such as Natura, L’occitane and Dove.

Corporate Wellness

Improve your work environment. Happy employees produce more!

Wellness Workshop, Meditation Classes & Aromatherapy

*travelling expenses not included.

Olfactory Marketing

Scents could affect our mood, emotions and daily decisions.

Set a perfect work environment, stimulate customers and create brand impact with the right smell.

*travelling expenses not included.


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