UltraShape Power, the revolutionary treatment that reduces your figure without surgery

The UltraShape Power is a new revolutionary technology, which destroys precisely the body fat cells without any surgery intervention. The machine uses ultrasound energy focused to reach and destroy permanently the adipose cells.


Besides shaping the body and reducing fat, the UltraShape increases the blood circulation and the lymphatic system activities. The treatment gives result of a liposuction without using any needle, anesthesia or any other kind of surgery method.


“During the UltraShape procedure, the fat cells are destroyed. The fat cell content, primarily comprised of triglycerides, is broken down and transported to the liver. The fat is processed via the body’s natural mechanisms and turns into building blocks for energy”, explains the company behind the innovation.


The UltraShape Power technology is safe as it acts only on the fat cells, thus, other parts, such as blood vessels, are not affected by in any way whatsoever. Furthermore, the patient does not feel pain or discomfort.


The treatment is focused on the abdomen, thighs and flanks and the machine can be programmed for any sort of skin and/or body. This is a fully personalized technology and revolutionary in the way it acts on the different needs of every person.


The Spa Home, in Miami, is one of the few establishments to offer the UltraShape Power treatment. Also, the patient will have qualified professional monitoring and the support from who really understand about the topic.


The average price for 3 sessions at Spa Home is U$ 3.000 (the actual price depends on the size of the treated area and can only be decided after a review). They don’t sell less than 3 sessions.

You can see the results in your third session, with reductions of up to 4cm measurement.


The entrepreneur and consultant Renata de Abreu’s Spa Home offers the most diverse types of treatment and technology in the beauty market.

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