What is the Perfect Health Program by Renata de Abreu

The Perfect Health Program was created by the Indian doctor Deepak Chopra and consists of helping people to achieve a perfect health. According to the program, which combines techniques of the traditional medicine with the Ayurveda, the perfect health is attained from the balance and well-being of body-mind.


For Chopra, every negative feelings from the mind are felt in some way by our organism too. Living in harmony with nature and with the world surrounding us is the key for a perfect health. In addition to the enlightenment of the mind, the five days Perfect Health Program also exercise the body through Yoga and Ayurvedic diets.


The spa consultant Renata de Abreu is a Perfect Health Program’s certified instructor and travels through health centers and spas around the world to pass on her teachings and help others to achieve a perfect health.


The course is also suited for beginners and everyone can attend it. So, understand what is the Perfect Health Program and its five immersive days.


What is the Perfet Health Program

1st session

Introduction to the principles of the millennial teachings of Ayurveda, meditation and Yoga. In this first meeting, you will also understand the characteristics of the three Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and you will discover, through a detailed questionnaire and analysis, what is your Dosha.


2nd session

This is the time to understand that food is the best medicine available to you. You will understand what is the best type of food for your biotype and how Ayurveda can help you to maintain a good health, an ideal weight and how to make the best of your digestion.


3rd session

In the third meeting you will practice and understand the techniques that help to re-energize and rejuvenate. You will learn to identify and eliminate the toxins the body and mind accumulate and how holistic techniques and secrets can help in the rejuvenation process, eliminating the stress and the anxiety.


4th session

Emotional freedom is the key to a body-mind health. You will learn to communicate with your body and you will realize how it can transform your life.


5th session

On the last day, we will work on the healing power of the five senses, which are the vision, the hearing, the touch, the taste and the smell. You will be able to use your own body to heal, nourish and balance the body-mind.


See Renata de Abreu’s agenda for the next few days.


Perfect Health Nicaragua

Date: TBC

Place: Nekupe Sporting Resort & Retreat

Information and bookings: [email protected]
*Limited vacancies.


Perfect Health Brazil

Date: May 08 to 12, 2017

Place: Vila Santa Teresa

Address: R. Alm. Alexandrino, 2305 – Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Price per person:

Single room package: R$ 1.940,00/day

Double room package:  R$ 1.580,00/day

5 days without accommodation package: R$ 1.280,00/day.

Available to pay in 3 installments

Bookings: +55 21 2051 1905

Information: [email protected]

*Limited vacancies.


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